Bar Knights

Bringing trivia night into the modern age

We bring a Game Show Trivia Experience to you.


Trivia night is a blast. But wouldn't you like to graduate from using pen and paper to answer trivia questions? We're here to make Trivia Night a go-to event for your venue.

Bar Knights created a proprietary mobile platform that allows trivia questions to be seen and answered directly on your phone. Our trivia system allows contestants to have more time to socialize, drink, and eat rather than spending half the night running answers up to the host.

That means more creative questions, more engagement, and more fun. 


Our contestants have repeatedly told us we are "the best trivia they've ever experienced." Find out why.

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Want to play at one of our Trivia Nights? Or check out how we create an awesome trivia experience for your bar? Click below for our locations/schedule.

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